Just Give It a Shot – Blogging without Boundaries

Hello sweet cyber adventurers! I’m pleased you’ve found my cozy little corner of the interwebz : ) So far, this has been a somewhat serious / considerably inactive website about herbal businessy things; And elements of that may remain, but I’m cleaning out the cobwebs, lighting some sensuous palo santo incense to set the mood, and opening up my heart and mind to new magical ideas, passionate people, and enticing adventurous possibilities that are slowly... Read More  

New Product Giveaway: Cosmic Mermaid Ritual Bath Salts

  It’s time for a Giveaway Contest for a new product close to my heart! Some days you feel like you are stuck underwater, fighting the tides. The water is a healing place to be if only you can approach its power gently. Mermaids know how to navigate the treacherous seas of emotion and discomfort. Shimmering sparkles and sinewy seaweed are their tools of peace. Start with a glittering clean slate. Let the gifts of... Read More  

Herbal Bitters: Context, History, Preparation, & Usage

What are Bitters and Why Do They Matter?   Ginseng, Lemongrass, Lavender Bitter is a term that has come to be associated with primarily negative characteristics, in other words something that most people would rather keep out of their lives. The emotional terminology is likely derived from the physical reaction one experiences from tasting something with a bitter flavor.   Thus, for many reasons, the bitter flavor seems to have mostly slipped out of usage... Read More  

Fortitude in Trying Times: Be Deliciously Prepared

It seems that no matter how tenacious humans have been in our pursuit of escaping the variables of nature and all of the unexpected and tumultuous effects that it can have on our bodies when subject to the elements, we are still easily prey to its effects when caught ill prepared. Each season has its own respective treasure and trouble to be found in the elements that are associated with it. We know they are... Read More  


“Trust in your ability to learn the who’s who of the plant world, it will take time and patience and most of all open eyes.” Trust isn’t easy But it is always worthwhile Leap into risk now I am as ready one could possibly be to start this adventure with you my friends, this can’t wait any longer. I know now that waiting doesn’t write stories, but patience, humility, and perseverance can. I am ready to be... Read More  

Maggie Badger

Maggie badger is a kind lonely ladybadger who never married but excels at making Jams, Jellies, and Preserves. Her most popular product, ‘Maggie Badger’s Ice Jelly’ comes in many flavors but the first(and most popular) flavor is blueberry. Maggie can sometimes be heard admitting that her first batch was actually a mistake made while attempting a different confectionary delight.

Bone Dust the Buzzard

Bone dust is an ancient old buzzard whose lungs have hardened after ages breathing hot dusty air. He regularly coughs up dust clouds and has since taken up residence in a cave, impersonating a dragon. Bone Dust relies rather heavily on the expectorant tinctures delivered by Willard the kangaroo-rat.

Dung Beetle Custodians

In many of the more populated cities, cleanliness is a great task. Fortunately, there is a veritable army of dung beetles who work as willing custodians; rolling waste neatly into compressed packages and relocating them to more suitable locations.

The Peaks of Tourmalan

Jagged peaks of gemstones wider at the summit than at the base. The gems grew so thick in some places that there are caverns beneath the mostly merged peaks

The Caramel Garnet

The Caramel Garnet is a fetish house run by a plump lady fox. There is a snake bodyguard and a salt cleansing chamber