Just Give It a Shot – Blogging without Boundaries

Hello sweet cyber adventurers! I’m pleased you’ve found my cozy little corner of the interwebz : ) So far, this has been a somewhat serious / considerably inactive website about herbal businessy things; And elements of that may remain, but I’m cleaning out the cobwebs, lighting some sensuous palo santo incense to set the mood, and opening up my heart and mind to new magical ideas, passionate people, and enticing adventurous possibilities that are slowly emerging! I’m feeling things out as they evolve, and I’m not really sure what will manifest along the journey, but if you’re feeling ready for something new and pregnant with curiosity and potential, I hope you’ll join me here whenever it feels right to explore life’s intricacies.


Most blogs choose to follow a fairly strict posting regimen with consistent themes and approaches. This makes it really easy to know what to expect for the reader and keeps things regular for everyone, but it is JUST SO UNINSPIRING TO ME to feel like I am stuck to a particular format, or that I am expected to write in a certain way or even about specific subjects. I am way too fascinated by a never ending stream of new ideas and possibilities to limit myself or my readers!

Many subjects will be explored with an emphasis on the magic of the natural world, herbal medicine, holistic health and wellness, nutrition, history, creativity, spirituality, taboos, societal & cultural patterns, and ecological sustainability among other fascinating and important topics. The approach may be serious, silly, excited, sarcastic, indignant, thoughtful…i.e.: whatever seems appropriate.


Writing isn’t my strongest suit, even though I deeply love the idea of it. I’d like to cultivate my inner writer, without placing expectations on what type of writer I want to be or think I should be before I’ve even had a chance to find my true voice. I’m hoping I can do that while providing loving non-judgmental community, interesting knowledge, inspiring ideas, amusing anecdotes, plant and holistic health geekery, unique recipes, progressive projects, beautiful pictures, and so much more!

I would love feedback along the way as to what my readers (whoever you end up being!) are fond of, or intrigued by, or even what you think is really dumb or pointless! I’ve never wanted to write about my personal experiences, because it’s hard for me to imagine anyone caring…but I want to connect and spread ideas more than I care about what anyone including myself thinks! This will undoubtedly be abstract, but I can’t wait to see how the puzzle pieces fill in along the way.

So if you care to… let’s interact unabashedly, let’s rant indignantly, let’s play joyfully, let’s dream boundlessly, let’s educate and improve ourselves and our environment, all while embracing uncertainty and romping around in the essence of our world. So ya, see ya around 😉

#dropsthemike #andscene


Your Host,
The Shimmering Cicada




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