“Trust in your ability to learn the who’s who of the plant world, it will take time and patience and most of all open eyes.”

Trust isn’t easy
But it is always worthwhile
Leap into risk now

I am as ready one could possibly be to start this adventure with you my friends, this can’t wait any longer.

I know now that waiting doesn’t write stories, but patience, humility, and┬áperseverance┬ácan.

I am ready to be patient with myself and with the world while, reaching out in communion, helping to knit our own safety net so that we can move forward confidently together.

What are we without each other? What is life without sharing our experiences with each other? I am ready to get messy with trust and roll around basking in possibility.

Won’t you come explore with me; remembering truths that are crying to be rediscovered and nourished by those who are so desperately craving them to shed light, love, and prosperity.

It is much more approachable if we can quest hand in hand on this uncharted journey through mystery and intrigue.

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to TRY.”

I look forward to exploring and communing together in this little sacred space.