Fortitude in Trying Times: Be Deliciously Prepared

It seems that no matter how tenacious humans have been in our pursuit of escaping the variables of nature and all of the unexpected and tumultuous effects that it can have on our bodies when subject to the elements, we are still easily prey to its effects when caught ill prepared.

Each season has its own respective treasure and trouble to be found in the elements that are associated with it. We know they are coming through past experience, but somehow we rarely feel the need to prepare ourselves for them instead of just responding to them out of necessity when they take effect.

It has been as cold as a polar bear’s nose in Denver lately and I’ve been finding that I either hide out in hibernation, or find myself open to the erratic whims of Narnia, where it is only winter and never Christmas. Which is lame.

Yes, the ice is on the inside of the window.... I can't even hide from the cold inside!

Yes, the ice is on the inside of the window…. I can’t even hide from the cold inside!

The funny and fickle thing about immunity to outside influences is that it must be cultivated and cared for in order to be maintained. You can FEEL prepared, but in reality not having the proper tools other than confidence and hope to cope with the variables that are presented can leave you open to vulnerability; especially if you are already stressed out, over committed, and past your limits, mentally, emotionally, and in particular physically.

It can seem difficult and strenuous to constantly be prepared for whatever mother nature has to throw at us, particularly when most of our primary life concerns are so far removed from the natural rhythms of the planet at this point.

Luckily, sometimes a solution presents itself that is not only enticing, but easier than you expected.

Like Chai Tea.

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This can be especially miraculous when you can’t even seem to escape intrusion of the elements in your very own fortress of solitude. It’s amazing and terrifying how fast a fortress of solitude can become a den of sickness. It is extremely lucky at that point, that something as delicious as Chai Tea can act as preventative and even active medication for the ickies and sickies that rear their gross ferocious heads while temperatures are constantly shifting and taunting.

The Chai Tea that most of history has known is referred to as Masala Chai or “Mixed Spice Tea”, which is a much more lively  and simple version of what Americans have come to know primarily as a “Chai Tea Latte” usually made with loads of dairy and sugar and not so much spice. Chai Tea also normally contains Black Tea for that delicious daily caffeine boost, but when your immune system is already compromised, all of these delightful and rich aspects can bring you down even more regardless of how comforting they can be.

Many of the warming and stimulating herbs used in Chai Tea, such as Cinnamon and Ginger, already have properties to support and strengthen the body’s immune system and thusly Chai is highly beneficial when enjoyed on a daily basis. But one of the best aspects about Chai is that it can be adapted in SO.MANY.WAYS. to fit your needs, desires, and tastes.

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In this herbal recipe, famously adored spices are accompanied by several beautiful roots such as Dandelion, Burdock, and Astragulus that add a real punch to your arsenal of preparedness, ensuring that you stay healthier no matter what happens to the weather patterns.

Fortification CHAI TEA

for boosting the immune system*

{Lightly TOAST in a pan or skillet:}

1 Tbsp. Cinnamon Chips (or 1 Stick)

1 Tbsp. Cardamom Seeds (or 4-7 Pods)

1 Tbsp. Burdock Root (Chopped) ~dry or fresh~

1 Tbsp. Dandelion Root (Chopped) ~dry or fresh~

2 tsp. Allspice Berries

1 tsp. Anise Seeds

1 tsp. Cacao Nibs

{Mix together with:}

1 Tbsp. Ginger (Chopped)  ~dry or fresh~

1 Tbsp. Astragulus Root (shredded) (or 1 “Tongue”)

{{{Play around with the Recipe!}}} TRY ADDING:


* Clove  * Nutmeg  *Black Pepper


* Orange Peel  * Reishi Mushroom  * Eleuthero Root  * Turmeric

DIRECTIONS for Brewing Chai Tea:

Option 1: (Preferred) Add herbs and spices to 3 Cups of Water in a pan on the stove. Simmer for 15-20 minutes. Strain and enjoy. This version will be much more effective and full flavored.

Option 2: (QUICK!) Add 3 cups Boiling Water to teapot or vessel with herbs in strainer. Let steep 15-20 minutes. Remove herbs and enjoy.

Serving Size: 2 – 4 cups (dependent on how gloriously big your mug is how much you like to share)

If desired, Raw Honey and your favorite Milk can be added.

If you find yourself too busy, without particular ingredients, or are already fighting a bug, I have this Fortification Chai Tea Blend for Sale in .75 oz and 3 oz versions in my Etsy Shop!

Chai Tea Herbal Profile:

CINNAMON: Carminative. Stimulates vital functions of the body. Relieves tension. Supports lungs, heart, kidneys and uterus functions. Anti-inflammatory. Warming. Anti-septic.

CARDAMOM SEED: Anti-spasmodic, warming, stimulates digestion. Increases circulation.

GINGER: Improves circulation. Adrenal Tonic, regulates energy production and usage. Contains A and B vitamins as well as minerals and amino acids.

ASTRAGULUS ROOT: Immunomodulator. Anti-oxidant. Adaptogen. Immune builder.

BURDOCK ROOT: Nutrative. Blood purifier. Diurectic.

DANDELION ROOT: Diuretic, helps stimulate cleanse of toxins from kidneys, improving elimination. Bitter Tonic. Aids with digestion.

ALLSPICE BERRIES: Stimulant. Anti-oxidant. Antibacterial. Aids with adrenal fatigue.

ANISE SEED: Anti-carcinogenic. Benefits the heart, lungs, spleen, liver, stomach and kidneys.

CACAO NIBS: Anti-oxidant. Eliminates free-radicals. Lowers blood pressure.

~ I hope you’re all staying warm, happy, and healthy! ~