Custom Herbal Medicine

Herbal Products

I am pleased to create Custom Herbal Medicine Protocols to fit unique combinations of symptoms.

Each special herbal blend made personally for you can be ordered in quantities ranging from a sample all the way to bulk.

Custom Herbal Medicine Protocol Pricing

Product                               Sample                    2 Ounce                  4 Ounce                8 Ounce

[ Herbal Tea Blend ]————-$3.50—————–$7.00——————-$13.50——————$25.00

[ Aromatherapy Blend ]———$5.50—————–$15.00——————$27.50——————$48.50

[ Bath Salt Blend ]—————$3.50——————$7.00——————-$13.50——————$25.00

[ Tincture Blend ]—————-$8.00——————$18.00——————$35.00——————$65.00

[ Infused Salve ]—————–$4.50——————$10.00——————$18.00————————–

[ Infused Body Butter ]———-$6.50—————–$15.00——————-$25.00—————–$48.00